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Thread: account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
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 account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
Sent: 04-17-2006 17:36

funkyd, ugh sory didnt reply sooner somehow this site got blocked from my computer and it took me days to get it unblocked some sort of virus had it locked it anyway this is still paypalhatesme i just couldnt remember my info..

at the moment accoutn is active but now i'm nervous and i keep trasnfering money out as soon as i get it so i imagine they catch me under the spent to much money in a day thing..

i got in unfroze the first time myself by calling the second time i called with not help so hung up and had our family lawyer call it took them about 60 seconds later to unfreeze it. they have no reason to freeze it and they knew it.. currently im looking for a paypal alternative and praying that dropping paypal wont drop my sales .. that company should be sued.. my lawyer said i should sue them just for the headache the first day i did ok but when it froze twice i had a panic attack and went to the hospital do to a severe anxiety condition..i feel so bad for all of you paypal really does suck



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 account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
Sent: 04-17-2006 11:36

blimey i have to say you must be one of the very few who actually managed to get there account unfrozen been trying for 5 days now with the same shitty replies , when i phone they say there is nothing they can do , i hate paypal but it was just so convienent to sell on ebay , im in the uk , and have alot of buyers from the us , now i cant accept payments from them , i cant beleive you actually got it unfrozen how ????



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 account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
Sent: 04-15-2006 15:34


Like we said before once an account is frozen it stays frozen no matter what you do. The only reason why they ask you for that information is so that they can get more information on you to use against you if you decide to open another PayPal account. First off, putting all that information online is dangerous, especially your SS. Anyone or any company asking for your SS#, immediately tell them to go F themselves.

They will only go after PayPal funds and never anything like dipping into your bank account or charging your credit card, because then you can (1) dispute the charges and (2) have something to get them for a law suit. They figure if there's no paper trail there's nothing they can get caught for.

They hope people just go away and have PayPal keep their money. They know that a small percentage of people will simply give up and go away. Thats what they bank on.



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 account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 23:14

paypalhatesme, Unfortunately you did not do any thing wrong all I can say is welcome to the club. This association crap from PAYPAL and eBay has really gotten out of hand. I agree with you they should be able to tell it is not your account after having all that info and they probably can but then who would they collect all the money from accounts they have wrongfully draw negative.

To date they have tried to link me to 4 other accounts one was a family menders only the last name was the same but that was enough to try to illegally collect about 500 from me the other 2 had nothing in common with me except a dorm address and they were at the same domain name for the email. The other was dropped before I was able to have my layer put holes in it. As time has gone on I have had attorneys pull apart almost every situation I have found on these forms. There winnable but you have to fight them and PAYPAL and eBay really tend not to help you.

Because of the growing number of situations like this I started the following threads to express a desire I have if the community is willing to file the cases try and make the attorneys necessary to protect all our rights affordable but given the estimated costs to me I kind of need to know that the community is willing to defend there rights the threads areā€¦

Horror Stories: PayPal Did it!>>>>
Do you want an attorney to help you with your eBay/PAYPAL case?

Horror Stories: Someone else did it! >>>>
we can help with suspension for a related account on ebay/paypal

I will try and follow up on all the posts I make. But, as the email reply to me dose not seam to be working I may not be able to. So if you could post your follow up or reply in one of those 2 threads I would appreciate it. I hope me and my friends can help you..



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 account frozen.. unfrozen..frozen..unfrozen.. wth? help?????!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 20:59

man paypal bites .. i just had a two day nightmare and dontknw what to do. paypalfroze my account they gave no reason what so ever for a while then said i was linkied to another account, and that i couldnt get htem oney in my paypal till i paid over 200 bucks on this otehr accont i've never heard of in my life.. so sucks but i paid. yay account unfrozen.. the NEXT DAY i log in again to youraccount has beenrestricted.. WTF? so i call paypal this time i'mlimited because my bussiness picked up and my sales wereawopping 1500 bucks more this month that last mont.. these people have my license my bank my CC my ssn my adress and still say they arent sure i'm who i say am????? so i again fax them DL and account is again unfrozen.. can i expect to see this repeat??? i want to close my paypal account i think but not sure what aboutmy sale wont they go down? at any rate i have to wait because if i close it now then my accounts going to go negative because i told a customer whos package was lost to get her money back from paypal ( had her file a complaint) because at the time i couldnt get into to paypal to give her a refund.. so ghave to wait for it to come out if i pull my money now it willgo in the holewhen that goes thru.. and just grrrrrr dontknow what to do. dont understand..we've had all of two complaints from customers in the years we've had the account nothing out ofthe ordinary what did i do wrong?

ahhhhhhhhh what a messs




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