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Thread: Industrial Mechanical - Sets the Pal's pants on FIRE !!!!!!!

From: Troll Buster
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 Industrial Mechanical - Sets the Pal's pants on FIRE !!!!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 19:04

We will see.

Hope it works out.
I would love to see the archives.

I have many too.



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 Industrial Mechanical - Sets the Pal's pants on FIRE !!!!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 08:44

Me too. Even if they release your account and I bet they do.
You should still put all that info out there.

Someone has got to stop these criminals.




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 Industrial Mechanical - Sets the Pal's pants on FIRE !!!!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 00:37

industrialmac, Very nice, I will be glad to help spread the word and post any links that provide information to this on forums if needed. :)



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 Industrial Mechanical - Sets the Pal's pants on FIRE !!!!!!!
Sent: 04-14-2006 00:22


Industrial Mechanical is a networking company comprised of smaller companies. We recently obtained a company called TV Bidder Software. During the buy out of this company we recieved 139 XBOX 360. We started selling them on eBay and using pay Pal. this is where the whole thing blew up in just 7 days.

TV Bidder Software was formewrly Movie Star Web. This company developed the first streaming video application that streams LIVE and recorded Windows Media 9 streaming video directly into ebay auctions. This was accomplished in March of 2000. Since theat time the developers have archived and recorded thousands of frauds and misdealing from Pay Pal and ebay. As far back as when Pay Pal was

They sited vague rules and regulations, security problems etc, because we sold too many XBOX 360 to quickly. We only wanted to liquidate the stock. We started them out at $250 Free S&H in the USA only. A whirl wind of controvesy came down on us. However we sold a Fork Lift for $2700 and not a peep was said.

Our Pay Pal account was seized. We were warned by the developers of the company that we bought out that this is what would happen. As they have had years of experience with eBay and Pay Pal. We ship by shipping windows. We do not ship until the physical cash is in our possesion. Pay Pal tried to get us to ship the units before our shipping window. We have 139 XBOX in stock. we only sold 20 or so before the account was suspended. They sited that it was a scam because we were selling them so cheap. The XBOX 360 only costs $170 from Microsoft but you have to have a wholesalers LIC and be a developer. TV Bidder Software has both and have been developing Microsoft Media 9 with Microsoft. Pay Pal then demanded that we reveal our sources and prove that we bought them. After our attorney fired a quick letter to them they removed that stipulation from the long list of hoops they wanted us to jump through.

When it came to verifying a social security number someone else was already using that numberfraudulantly. we then faxed a drivers LIc if the owner and the social security card. the social still can not be varified. They then demanded that we send the XBOX 360 out BEFORE we could retrieve any of the money. We did not. We told them that we would ship through the eBay Pay Pal shipping service all they had to do was release the account and we would ship and they would have the tracking numbers. They refuse to do so.

Today April 13th eBay shut our eBay site down and erased the the account completely from their servers. we had 100% positive feedback for almost a year with about $40,000 in sales with NO complanits. Our sftware developers inserted an imbeded script into our video code. This code copies information to ouyr servers incase there is a server breakdown or outage. The safety net was activated today and our auction information was uploaded to our servers along with logs. Our logs show eBay personel permanently erasing account files. This was done to cover their tracks.

Our software developers have been tracking and logging eBay and Pay Pal for nearly 8 years. we plan to release these records to the public on Monday April 17th 2006. The long hard work of these developers is about to pay off. If you think you know what Pay Pal and eBay is doing yo know nothing. There is an internal structure that works hand in hand with retailers and others to keep prices high, people inline and fees on the rise. A plague is a nice word for this epidemic of corruption.

Here is the letter we sent Pay Pal today that stired the hornet's nest.

To Pay Pal Administration:

Addressing the problems with account

During our acquisition of TV Bidder Software we were made aware of the potential problems plagued with your service. The developers of the software company have had numerous problems with Pay Pal in the past. All the problems have been logged and filed in the company archive. These archives are now part of our company and our personal property.

There are records of the developers family members, business contacts and customers that have been extorted by Pay Pal. We have records of accounts being seized. The records of these accounts contain all necessary documentation to reactivate the account as requested by Pay Pal. In one instance a computer monitor was sent to a customer who purchased the item from eBay and paid via Pay Pal. The monitor was shipped via UPS with a tracking number. The monitor was also video taped and placed on the web in a streaming video. It was also video taped as it was packaged and shipped. The monitor arrived at the customer’s home. The monitor was late due to UPS shipping. The customer filed a complaint with Pay Pal. The account was seized. A tracking number was provided to Pay Pal and it was a valid UPS tracking number. However, Pay Pal ordered the monitor to be refunded. Meaning the seller has an out of pocket loss of the monitor, the money and the shipping costs. We have found this to be common practice by Pay Pal with many of the accounts that are now in our archives.

We have forwarded this to our attorney. Our attorney will deliver the video tapes, payment records, emails and information to a judge. A request to set a hearing on these cases and conduct about the Pay Pal Company will be held in San Jose, California. We have done further investigation on the internet and with interviews with other victims. We have found that this has happened to many people. All have complained to Pay Pal through proper channels via Pay Pal help and no action has been taken. The result is millions of dollars being seized. This money is still within the confines of the Pay Pal system and has been discovered to be drawing interest.

We also have records of private information being shared with third parties. We are sure that you will flatly deny this. However we have conclusive evidence that personal information was disclosed by Pay Pal to entities outside of Pay Pal for various reasons. It states in your agreement that you do not share information. On August 23rd 2004 our software developers performed a test. Information was handed directly from Pay Pal to public service sites to obtain background information on individuals who use Pay Pal. In doing so emails were sent from the third party to various other companies. These were tracked and logged into archives that we now own. A direct trail of information sharing was tracked to and from the Pay Pal API system.

We also have other evidence that eBay and Pay Pal work together to intimidate and extort information from users of the system. eBay claims to be a venue. We know that Pay Pal is owned by eBay. If eBay is a venue as it claims then it can not dictate what form of payment is allowed.


Permitted on Sellers may offer to accept Pay Pal, credit cards including MasterCard/Visa /Amex/Discover, debit cards and bank electronic payments online for eBay purchases. Sellers may also offer to accept ban- to-bank transfers, often known as bank wire transfers or bank cash transfers, and the online money order service Bidpay. Sellers may accept COD (cash on delivery) or cash for in person transactions. Sellers may offer to accept personal checks, money orders (including Bidpay), cashier’s checks, certified checks and other negotiable instruments.

Not permitted on Sellers may not solicit buyers to mail cash. Sellers may not ask buyers to send cash through instant cash transfer services (non-bank, point-to-point cash transfers) such as Western Union or Moneygram. Finally, sellers may not request payment through online payment services not listed in this policy.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions including:

Listing cancellation

Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

Listing cancellation

Limits on account privileges

Loss of Power Seller status

Account suspension

This policy does not affect any payment method commonly offered on eBay today. However, there are some sellers who have listings offering to accept cash and Western Union instant cash transfer, and a few who offer other payment methods that are not permitted under this policy. To avoid disruption of these sellers’ business during the holiday shopping season, eBay will delay enforcement of this policy against existing payment methods until Jan 15, 2006. This policy will be localized for other eBay sites in the coming months.



Finally, sellers may not request payment through online payment services not listed in this policy.

This is illegal. No company can dictate how to accept payment, nor can they prohibit other legal companies from participating in the transaction if it's mutually agreed upon by both parties. This is a violation of anti-trust laws and interfering with interstate commerce. This is tying one service to another. (Illegal in California)

Ebay states they are a venue. They have no authority to inhibit how people pay for the items being sold. This abuse of position and can be construed as a monopoly of free enterprise for both Ebay and Pay Pal.

These are just some of our finding in the extensive logs the software developers have been keeping on Pay Pal and eBay. These logs date back to when Pay Pal was located at

Industrial Mechanical – USA, C & R Enterprises and TV Bidder Software have been aggregated into one networking company. Under advice from our top employees and managers (who have had problems with Pay Pal also) we have developed a shipping window system.

Our shipping window system protects our company from loss. It protects us by giving us a time buffer for funds to settle. The same concept is used by NASDAQ and The New York Stock exchange. Until the account is released no units or items will be shipped. Until ALL the funds are in our possession no item will be shipped or delivered. Our policy is cash and carry. We are able to ship items via UPS without the use of Pay Pal - eBay mailing system. However we are not shipping any item without the physical cash in our possession. Your track record and complaints have proven this would result in loss of profits on our part. By seizing our account you have created a negative feedback from customers that wish to purchase from us. All loss of sales due to this seizure is being logged and archived. We have phone records of customers that have cancelled their orders with us because of this seizure. We have emails of complaints from these customers and they too have been archived.

We are in the process of sending these archives to the Federal Trade Commission along with several thousand complaints we have taken online this weekend from our online poll. An archive of video tape and audio tape will accompany the information.

We also plan to broadcast via streaming video a complete report on to the internet and into news groups about this situation. We are not your average company. We employ top Computer Science Engineers who are Level 3 to Professors at major colleges such as Miami University in Oxford, OH and UCLA. The broadcasts will run 24/7. We also have several thousand eBay users who place this broadcast inside eBay auctions and accompany items they are selling. An archiving device has been placed in the streaming video. If auctions are shut down because of the video the archive devise will record this action. Streams are tracked via IP addressing and logged. We are sure eBay will site section 9 in there user agreement. This will be countered by the IAYA (I agree you agree) amendment instrument made available in November of 2005. These logs, urls of auctions and other information will be immediately sent to the Federal Trade Commission. As it is illegal to gag any free speech that provides the public information about harmful or potentially harmful systems, cotangents, fiduciary fraud and other harmful products as stated under The Patriot Act. We have placed a poll on the internet and many, many eBay users are willing to participate.

A specific case of fraud has been brought to your attention over 9 month ago. Our distribution owner (C & R Enterprises) Charles Ramsey has informed you that his social security number is being used on another Pay Pal account without his permission. He sent you a copy of his drivers’ license and social security card with the fax sheet you requested for the account This matter was brought to your attention several months ago. Yet nothing was done. You have request that Charles Ramsey verify his Social Security card online. When he tries to do so he receives this error message.

The Social Security number that you have entered is assigned to another Pay Pal Business or Premier account. You may register your Social Security number with only one Pay Pal Personal Account and only one Pay Pal Business or Premier account.

Enter the Account Owner's Social Security number

To help us authenticate your identity, please enter your Social Security number below. As always, Pay Pal follows a strict privacy policy, and will never reveal your personal account information without your permission.


Again this is brought to your attention. Mr. Ramsey can not verify his social because it is linked to a fraudulent account or an account that has been compromised. is the only account that is being used for C & R Enterprises shipping division. This is another safety flaw in your system.

By limiting the account a promotional truck was stranded in California due to denial of use. The Pay Pal card issued to Trisha Woods is the card in question. This is a secondary card to the account. She is a promotional manager for our west coast sales. This has also been sent to our attorney as a loss to our business.

Trisha was also questioned about purchases made. These purchases included gasoline, hotel, travel expenses, inflatable water slides, musical equipment and food. These items are for an advertisement tour that will take place on the west coast. We are scheduled to visit public parks and recreational areas to promote our software and our Discount 99 cent centers we are currently opening. If you look at the purchase receipts, companies such as Concord and other 99 cent item suppliers are on the receipts. Again this shows that Pay Pal is trying to monopolize and control businesses by extortion and intimidation.

This is considered racketeering and has been illegal since 1923. Any entity that places financial anguish on a company or individual in order to get the said company or individual to comply with requests of that entity is considered racketeering. This is a felony and illegal in all the United States. It is also falls under The Patriot Act for homeland security. Under this act any company found to be racketeering can be considered a threat to the wealth and wellbeing of the United States and its citizens. If the racketeering is found to be a channel for terrorist means of laundering money that entity is also guilty of conspiracy ties with terrorist. The question would be put to Pay Pal – Do you know who you are transferring money for? The answer could be easily proven to be Yes, since your system is deemed safe by Pay Pal. All it takes is one penny to be traced to a terrorist and Pay Pal and company would be linked to terrorist groups.

As an internal affairs staff member I work directly with our suppliers. The question was “Where did Industrial Mechanical or TV Bidder Software get so many XBOX 360?” The answer is simple. They were part of our buyout of TV Bidder Software who bought them in East Los Angeles. This is where many items come in to The United State of America from over seas to wholesalers. This is the main docking area for The United States. Microsoft brings the items into this area. Are we going to give you or anyone an exact address to where we purchase our high dollar items? No. These are trade secrets and to demand and extort this information is illegal in ALL STATES within the United States of America.

We are prepared to publicize our story, dealings and this letter with Pay Pal and eBay. We will use venues such as internet streaming video, news papers, flyers, chat rooms, blogs and news groups. We own our own colocation facility and have 30 colocation cabinets with 123 servers on a dedicated 45 Meg fiber connection in the east. We also have 25 dedicated virtual servers in the west. We have a 10 Meg dedicated fiber on AT&T via SONNET that delivers streaming media to our way points in the UK, Germany, Australia and Japan.

We will release all the documentation in our archives to public eyes and ears. We are not a company that can be intimidated and we will purse every legal option available.

The owners and employees have agreed unanimously to this plan of action. The only course of resolution is to release the account. At that time we will immediately print and produce the shipping labels and tracking through the eBay – Pay Pal system. Items will then be shipped on scheduled. When the customers receive their product and all packages have been delivered and confirmed, we will close our Pay Pal account and eBay account. At that point we never want to hear from you again. A cease and desist order will be sent to Pay Pal and eBay and this will end the matter peacefully and quietly.

Timely manner: If the account is not released by Saturday April 15th 2006 at 5:00 pm EST you can expect to receive litigation papers on Monday April 17th 2006 from our attorney. At this time no further contact will be made to me or anyone involved with this company or affiliates. You will be issued a cease and desist order and all contact will be made through our legal council from that point on. All matters and evidence will be presented in a court of law. No out of court settlement or mutual agreement will be accepted. No arbitration or third party council will be accepted to settle this dispute. Reporters at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other national and international news papers have been faxed an outline of the problems associated with this disagreement. A copy of this letter will be faxed to them and other news groups on Monday April 17th 2006 if this matter is not resolved.

A hearing will be scheduled to take place in the San Jose, CA federal court. We will not pursue this matter in a local court or municipal court.

Please consider this letter carefully.

This letter is intended for Pay Pal management. In no way is this letter intended to be threatening or derogatory. This is to inform Pay Pal management of the action, details and problems associated with Pay Pal account. This letter is provided as a gateway of communication. This document is time sensitive and will expire as a gateway of communication on Monday April 17th 2006.

Internal Affairs Department
Industrial Mechanical – USA
Jameson Blackstone PhD




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