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Thread: Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
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 Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
Sent: 07-04-2007 10:28


I have received two letters from intrum and the third was from irwin mitchels saying me that I have 7 days to pay them or whatever.
they never contacted me again, this issue was around 1 month ago. Today I got scared because a guy come in a Van with an ugly and furious mug knocking my door.... He was just a cleaner.... thank goodness!



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From: england
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 Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
Sent: 07-04-2007 08:13

Hi, I am in the uk and have the same problem with a paypal negative balance and interim justicia keep calling and threatening me with court action, can they do this?
Please mail me info if pos "



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 Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
Sent: 05-22-2007 00:19


cheers dude! I thought that would be the case, but needed someone to allay my fears. Dunno if they have been hassling me by phone as my landline has been switched off whilst I work nights, but I got a letter yesterday saying pay up or they "may" start court action , hwich from reading so many threads here I see is an empty threat apparently.

thanks again!



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 Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
Sent: 05-04-2007 13:05


Short answer, NO THEY CANNOT. Nothing under Paypal can result in genuine debt collection. Real debt collectors can come into your home and seize goods for resale to cover costs, they can do this legally. No organistion with Paypal (NCO, Robinson Way, Justicia) can ever get funds off you. Ever.

If they harass you report them to the organisations listed in the NCO thread.

If you owe them £1 or £50,000 there is nothing they can do about it except hassle you with letters and phone calls.

Look at Paypal, then laugh at them, then go do something interesting!



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 Advice needed. Paypal sent negative balance to Interim Justicia
Sent: 05-04-2007 03:17


I've been having an ongoing problem with the wonderful folks at paypal. I pre-ordered some items off ebay back in October. Heard nothing a month later so emailed the seller. He said I will have them by x-mas. I didn't, so I emailed him just after x-mas, there was a further delay so I requested a refund and got it. End of story you'd think, right?

Well, nearly a month later, I get an email from Paypal advising that this payment of $135 I received was being investigated. In fact here is said email;

One of the benefits of using PayPal is that we make every effort to alert
you to potentially problematic transactions. Our goal is to help you make
sound business decisions.

From time to time, we request additional information about PayPal payments.
This is a security measure meant to protect you from problem transactions.

We would like to learn more about this transaction. Please log in to your
PayPal account and provide some information.

We strongly advise that you do not send the item until our investigation is
complete. If you have already sent the item, please log in and let us know
where you sent it.

We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is

I replied, advising this was in fact a refund and provided the email paypal originally sent me to confirm the payment I made. I hear nothing for another 2 weeks until I get an email saying;

"As you know, we have been reviewing the transaction detailed below. Our
investigation is now complete and we have returned the funds to the PayPal
account holder."

This left me with a negative balance of 60 odd quid and obviously I disputed this. What then occured was the typical back and forth with their useless customer service until someone emailed to say they have "escalated this issue to senior management in our Account Review Department". I waited 2 weeks and heard nothing except from the standard emails asking me to return my balance to zero. So I emailed them almost every weeks and nothing until about 2 months after this supposed escalation when I got this;

Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to the payment you received
from Mr. xxxxx on the 28th of December. We have reviewed your account
and it shows that you made a payment to Mr. xxxxx on the 19th of

I understand that this is in relation to your initial
transaction. However, your seller choose to use the send money tab,
instead of the "refund link " available to him. Therefore none of the
original transactional information were available to us. The second
payment was in essence completely independent of the first.

By using the send money tab, your funds were no longer associated with
this payment. The funds in question were Mr. xxxxs. Let's say that he
paid perhaps by using his bank account. As you are aware, transfer from
a bank account take some time to clear. Usually PayPal will make this
PayPal on a customer's behalf while waiting for this funds to clear.
Therefore when you received your refund, these were PayPal's funds.

If the funds were not there after the clearing process completed, a hold
would be placed while we investigate. A bank reversal, sometimes known
as an ACH Return, occurs when PayPal receives a request to return funds
for a transaction that was funded by a bank account.

When PayPal receives a bank reversal, we will open an investigation
into the transaction and may request additional information from both
the buyer and seller.

If the investigation finds the transaction was fraudulent, it will be
reversed. Otherwise, the transaction will be completed.

I deeply regret that this has happened to you , but had your
seller refunded you using the refund link this would not have happened.
It would have been your money returned to you. However, he did not and a
new independent transaction took place.

I realise that this is not the outcome you would have wished for and I
know it may not meet with your approval but I do hope you will
understand that this decision was made in accordance with our company
policy. While I cannot change this I will make sure you objection is
duly recorded.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Resolution Services Department

Obviously, I still refuse to pay up and now am getting missed calls from interim justicia chasing up the dubious "debt". Can they legitimately exppect me (and force me) to pay this? What do you other fine folks reckon?




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