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Thread: What to do if over the 45 day Paypal dispute period
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 What to do if over the 45 day Paypal dispute period
Sent: 04-28-2007 16:07

Hi, Amazingly, I too thought I had lost money by waiting more than the 45 day period before reporting a seller who sent me the wrong item, took ages to send me the correct one, but it turned out to be a fake. The saga spanned Christmas, and I thoght it reasonable to allow more time before resorting to fomal procedure, as all responses were positive and polite - until they stopped. Eventually, I had to resort to complaint, but was told categorically that it was too late. So being reasonable cost me - or so it seemed.

Miraculously, the seller had been out of the country for over a month around Christmas, and on his return he finally sent me the promised refund. At this, I promptly told Paypal, with an added comment to stuff their inadequate procedures and cut/paste replies that were all included the phrase "as an Ebay user myself I understand your frustration", and that I no longer needed their useless assistance.

Even more miraculously, some time later, and without further prompt, Ebay wrote saying that they had reveiwed my particular incident and decided to refund my loss and ban the seller who was responsible for this and other misconduct. As an honest Ebayer, I replied to them, saying that yet again they had got it wrong and that I already had my refund, and their useless assistance help was still not needed.

Of course, they ignored me, so I left it at that. Their loss.

In this case, their own inadequacy cost them. It was not a siginficant amount of money that wouldn't even buy you a tank full of petrol, but that's not the point. I just can't understand how they could be so pathetic!

My advice? Immediately write politely but firmly to the seller saying that you are obliged under trading guidelines to report him, although you are reluctant to do so. It might antagonise the seller, but it might alos do the trick and get you your goods. Also, follow through immediately with further and persistant claims to Paypal, each time pasting previous correspondence below your latest one. Do not give in, and ALWAYS request a pesonal reply rather than a cut/paste one (in the hope that they get the message).

Hope it works for you too!





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 What to do if over the 45 day Paypal dispute period
Sent: 04-22-2007 17:35


How did you fund the transaction?

Credit Card - Call up your bank and tell them that you did not authorise the transaction and you wish initiate a chargeback. Tell them you have never had a Paypal account. If this means getting ALL subsequent payments back then all the better. Fu-ck Paypal.

Direct Debit - Go to your bank and check ALL payments which have come from your bank account. Tell your bank that you did not set up the direct debit mandate and you are initiating a direct debit indemnity claim. As there is no physical signature associated with the direct debit anyone could have set it up, and they HAVE to refund ALL charges back to your bank account.

If you want your money back you need to be focused and pro-active.



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 What to do if over the 45 day Paypal dispute period
Sent: 04-20-2007 03:51


I would be very grateful for some advice but feel that there is little I can do. I was contacted by a US ebayer in december last year who had seen me win a bid for a music cd. He offered me a lot of rare bootlegs and private recordings, some of which he would have to get from the artist. Although he had a rating of 2 i decided to proceed and but the cds via paypal but off ebay for about £300. He said that it would take a couple of weeks to burn 100 CDs but it would be quicker if I wanted the music on a DVD. I held out for the CDs and communicated with him without problem. He then stopped replying to my emails about two weeks before the 45 day limit was up ( a rule I only found out about until it was too late.) When I eventually lost patience, I contacted Paypal who told me that there was nothing they could do as my 45 day limit expired 2 days ago. My complaint, apparently, would remain not open or closed but would only be investigated if further people made complaints within the next six months (which I think is unlikely). I have no comeback with ebay as it was bought off auction, and I cannot even leave feedback to warn others. He seems to still be trading but very little. I do believe that he was genuine but couldn't be bothered to burn the many CDs and realised that i was approaching the time limt and chanced it. I have seen the IC3 site but think that they would not be interested as they are bootleg CDs (of which there are many sold through ebay everyday). Although I have paid by paypal, my account is linked to my visa debit and i was wondering if it was worth treying to claim back the money via them. I appreciate it was a foolish thing to do and I have to put it down to experience but any advice from people who have experienced something similar would be appreciated.





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