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Thread: Newspaper Investigation- they want your Paypal Horror Stories
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 Newspaper Investigation- they want your Paypal Horror Stories
Sent: 04-04-2006 12:41

A fraudulent PayPal account holder paid me for two items in early January, the funds were then frozen and made unavailable to me. PayPal contacted me asking for details of the transactions. I contacted them explaining I had lots of information for them, they chose to ignore me. I emailed them and phoned them - they still never got the information i had for them to aid in investigation.

Today they have finally finished their investigation and have now charged me - they have deemed that I was in the wrong, have charged me and removed fees from my account without my knowledge or consent, and have said they were fighting on my behalf with the credit card company - how they were doing this i have no idea as they have none of the information that I hold!

I telephoned PayPal today to try and find out how they have resolved this and to get the charges explained to me. I questioned how they had managed to defend me without any of my evidence, they told me to fax it to them. I explained that I don't have a fax machine so they told me that they will not open emails that have attachments.

PayPal have been very crafty in the way they have conducted this. They have 'allowed' the original fraudulent payments so that they get their percentage of the fees, then have removed the totals from my account at whatever exchange rate they have used (i don't know what this is) - this is what I think has happened, again, it's not 100% clear what they have done. If I were in the wrong (which I am not) the most I should have been charged would have been £14.00 (£7.00 per transaction). They have managed to bump this up to well over £40.00 - my total losses are running in to many hundreds of pounds. So i have now been ripped off by the 'scammer', ebay and PayPal. It's about time PayPal (and ebay) were investigated.

At the time PayPal decided they were going to take these fees, I had started a transfer of money from my PayPal account to my bank account - they stopped that transaction part way through so that they would be sure of getting their fees - this in turn is causing me hardship as i now have to wait longer for the remaining funds to arrive at my bank account. PayPal seem to be a law unto themselves. We are about to contact the FSA regarding this matter.

If you want more information and would like to include this email in your publication, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.



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 Newspaper Investigation- they want your Paypal Horror Stories
Sent: 04-04-2006 04:39


The Guardian money section announced this weekend that due to the number of emails they are receiving about Paypal they want to run a special on them...and they are asking for your dealings with Paypal - good or bad...

The email is I've just let them know my chargeback tale of woe, here's hoping that they receive many more and something is done to change this.




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