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Thread: Please help me, Paypal ripped me off for $2000.00!
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 Please help me, Paypal ripped me off for $2000.00!
Sent: 03-17-2006 04:05


Just be glad you withdrew the money to your bank account when you did! At least you have your money! The worst case scenario would have been if you had left the money in your paypal account - paypal would have "confiscated" it and either kept it themselves or reimbursed the buyer (who gets to keep your item AND the money he supposidly paid for it!).

You where scammed by the buyer I'm afraid. It's all too common, buyer buys something, and upon receiving it they initialte a chargeback with their credit card company. Paypal will NOT dispute a chargeback and instead pass the buck to the victim, that is why the whole company is a disgrace - they do nothing to protect you and their seller protection isn't worth wiping your arse on.

Now, the situation your in is like thousands of others who've been stung buy fraudpal and scammers, but at least you have your money safely in your bank account and not in paypals account.

So paypal have made your account with them -£1000? Don't worry about it. If you read through these forums you'll see others in a similar situation, some even "owe" multi-thousands. Paypal will threaten you with legal action and the nco collection agency if you don't pay them... worry not, because paypal can do jack sh!t to retreive that money. Everthing they say is a baseless threat designed to intimidate the weak minded into paying up. Eventually you'll get letters asking if you can pay 75% of it back, then 50% of it back, then eventually they'll give up. All you need to do is ignore them completely, ignore the letters, emails, and plead ignorance if they ever telephone you (tell them you don't even know what paypal is etc etc). The problem WILL go away if you ignore it.

I'm speaking from experience, I supposidly "owed" fraudpal £1,700 after a chargeback scam, its been 18 months since I last heard from them. Legally, paypal can't and won't do anything about it because it would cost them way more than a few thousand to take someone to court, and if they did any decent solicitor would see right through their user agreements and hammer THEM! Paypal are not a bank even though they try to act like one so don't worry about it damaging your credit rating - paypal CANNOT effect it!

Be thankful you emptied your paypal account when you did - a lot of us weren't so lucky. To be ultra safe from them if I was you i'd cancel (or report lost) all credit cards linked to paypal and close the bank account linked to them (if you had one linked). Also delete or change any info you have registered with them (like address, or telephone numbers etc).

Bare in mind that you can never use paypal again as they will "piggyback" any debt they think is owed to them on any transaction you try to make through paypal if you try to use them in the future.



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 Please help me, Paypal ripped me off for $2000.00!
Sent: 03-16-2006 18:30

The story starts thus...............

I was about to list an item on ebay and did what any sensible person would do, I researched other items the same as the one that I was about to sell. In so doing I came across a person that had just missed a purchase of an item exactly the same as the one that I was about to list and so asked him if he would be interested in buying my item.

He lives in the USA and I live in the UK.

I had 2 items the same, each for sale at a minimum of $1000.00.

He agreed to buy both of my items for $2000.00 and I would pay for the insured postage.

He asked me to send a Paypal invoice to his email address and he would then pay in full.

I sent the invoice (Via paypal) and he paid the $2000.00.

His postal address as given via Paypal was a PO box number in the USA.

So far so good!

On attempting to send, via insured parcelforce, the two items, I found that Parcelforce would not send an insured item to a PO box number and so therefore contacted the buyer for an alternative address.

Naive I may be, but having contacted the buyer myself in the first place I thought that I was at little risk!

Question…. Why would Paypal allow a PO box in the USA to be a confirmed address knowing that, certainly from the UK, no postal service would deliver to such an address?

So……… I was given another address and, having received the payment I sent the goods, who wouldn’t?

The money was transferred into my personal bank account on or around the 5th of February.

Paypal had happily allowed me to transfer the money into my bank and, after they had taken their pound of flesh, I was left with £1056.00, this was Paypal’s Sterling equivalent of $2000.00.

This money was now in my normal bank account and my Paypal account was at zero.


Suddenly Paypal decided that the transaction was fraudulent!!!

They offered no explanation as to why they had made this decision whatsoever.

On the 9th Feb Paypal did a negative balance transfer on my paypal account to the tune of £1135.31 (More than they had originally allowed me to transfer out!) Because they had allowed me to transfer the funds out of my paypal account this now gives me a negative balance of £1135.31 and they are threatening to 'take action'.

Because the item was sent to a different address to the address on the paypal invoice I do not qualify for buyer protection and have therefore lost my goods and owe paypal over a grand!

But Paypal still allow PO box numbers as a ‘verified’ address!!!

Having withdrawn the money, £1050.00, from Paypal I am in a frustrating position, I cannot spend the money in case Paypal win in a court of law and I have to repay the dosh but I also owe someone else for the product that I originally sold.

Pretty buggered really!

I have found the Paypal ‘helpline’ to be anything but helpful and am extremely frustrated.

Does anybody have any suggestions please?

I'm very concerned about getting a black mark on my credit rating.

Here's hoping that someone can help me.

Thanks in anticipation,





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