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Thread: you can no longer sell on ebay unless you have a paypal account

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 you can no longer sell on ebay unless you have a paypal account
Sent: 04-01-2008 21:51

ricoswavydog, u can still sell w/o useing paypal just put in ur listing u cant accept paypal and 90% of the time they will pay by money order and if u have good feedback like 400 there souldnt be a problem

but u will have idiots out there that will still pay u useing paypal



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 you can no longer sell on ebay unless you have a paypal account
Sent: 04-01-2008 20:04

email i sent to ebay about there new policy starting march 2008

you have just ruined ebay for me i am a honest seller and have been for many years i buy and sell car stereo equipment test it compete with it and resell it on ebay and do it again useing only a u.s postal money order as a buying option and paying option i have bought my share of bad items on ebay but thats the price of taking a chance buying something used (duh)my feedback score is well over 400 on doing this and now you are telling me i have to sell my amps and things with a option of paypal i hate paypal and the way they treat people and treated me in the past refer to my other e mail i sent earlier why did you not warn us of this new policy coming so people like me that don't want to use paypal could have got rid of their stock and been done with it and think you can just change your policys any time you feel you might
be able to do that but that is at best bad business practice and have hurt many people like me honest people like me that dont't wanna use paypal or wanna start a business for selling house hold electronics they don't need i thought ebay was for the private seller having a garage sale over the net and now you are changing ebay to the one thing no one wants a another business why not just have a web site then with all buy it nows shame on you you greedy bastards i know you own paypal and its not to protect us buyers and sellers out here but its to put more money in your pockets i am going to laugh so hard when i see ebay and paypal in bankruptcy and this is a sure way you will be heading for it
the first few reasons i understand and agree with but the last one is just plain stupid with no regards to who is selling in electronics weather they have good feedback and been with you for years or not they still have to use paypal and or a credit card even if i wasn't a seller i would be very mad at this you have ruined e bay electronics most electronics car audio is sold by guys like me just trying to sell off the equipment they have left from their installs or that old amp laying around they can't find a buyer locally buy it doing this you have not only ruined it for the seller but for the buyer as well looking for that old amp laying around instead why don't you put something in electronic that says ebay has a hi rate of dissatifactory rate for people selling in this catogory buy at your own risk and that you can't help if they don't get what they pay for or thought they bought and or let only sellers with good feedback like mine sell without having to use paypal as a payment option or send out notes to all ebay users on this date we will be changeing our policy so good people like me don't get stuck holding the bag how dare you go and drop a bomb on all us good folks out here i am very P&%$# off and the congress hasn't even settled on a across state tax yet and you guys are already falling in that trap shame on you shame on you and when the us is going thro so much economy crap like the 30's goverment is killing us middle class and you wan't more from us too bad bad bad ebay pay ebays dues and paypal dues now stop the madness ebay or should i say paypal

now when i go look for that rare car amp i am wanting i will have a way less chance finding it even here on ebay don't you see what you have done with this policy it stinks just stinks and i will not stand for it and many others will not too you have lost a good customer that pays his ebay dues and keeps selling good stuff on ebay with no problems not using paypal or a credit card you can have your stupid policy and i hope you chock on it dumb a$$




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