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Thread: What am I doing wrong?? I cannot get on eBay
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 What am I doing wrong?? I cannot get on eBay
Sent: 03-23-2008 03:07

Ok a year ago I been suspended due to selling bulk without a supplier. I was selling clothing/video equipment. I got suspended, gave them the information they requested and said I am suspended with no reinstatement. I been selling stuff for 2 years making some good money on the side putting way in the bank.

Anyways I tried using giftcard accounts/fake information it worked for like a week. Then it just got suspended, I tried more it would just keep getting suspended. So I pretty much got over it and 6 months later still cant get on. My paypal is fine!

What is going wrong? When I build my feedback over 10 on eBay do they notice the Paypal account I link? Because I always make a new primary paypal/delete any old ones involved. Could it be the IP address? I think when I was using the computer at the Library it was working but I would get tempted to look at the auctions on my home computer. Any suggestions I really wanna get back on selling because it was easy money and a good way to save and pay through school. Its a shame theres no competition to eBay but what should I do?

I thought eBay never really looked into the paypal accounts. All you had to do was change the primary e-mail? Or did that change, because this sucks. Is there anyway to have my IP changed? Make it change random everyday? I am thinking about moving and just buying a different paypal/eBay account I am so fed up with this!

Any suggestions I really appreciate responses!




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