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Thread: Those with experience with this type of thing, please advise...
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 Those with experience with this type of thing, please advise...
Sent: 03-22-2008 01:44

I made a mistake of not closing my paypal account years ago, even though I knew it was the best thing to do. Though I've been stating in my auctions for a while now that I only take money orders and personal checks from those with good feedback, I left the account open to allow for the occasional buyer to pay me by bank transfer only - I have always refused to upgrade my account because I found the fees to be unreasonable. Twice in the past week, two people have submitted credit card payments to me via paypal. You used to be able to deny the payments, but paypal has now taken that option away (though they leave the inactive "deny" button there just to spit in your face, I guess). So now I have two choices - accept the payments, thereby upgrading and paying their fees, or do nothing, in which case they will hold my buyers' payments hostage and pissing them off, probably resulting in a couple of big red blemishes on my fantastic feedback record.

The strange thing about all of this, is that in trying to contact the buyers to explain the situation to them, I have not gotten a single reply from either of them since the auctions ended. I find it very odd that this situation has presented itself twice in two days and - call it paranoia - but I'm beginning to think that these bidders have been planted by ebay/paypal in order to create this very situation.

My business is centered around ebay (and until recently I've praised them as being a fantastic tool) and I cannot take a chance of doing anything that would get me banned from the site. I would lose tens of thousands of dollars in investments. I am thinking of giving in and just accepting the payments, but I don't feel that even that is a safe bet, as they could freeze my account before I could remove the funds (especially if they have a reason to if these bidders - planted or not - complain to them). I would like to do the smart thing, but feel like I'm in a lose-lose situation. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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