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Thread: Yet ANOTHER nightmare story - HAPPY ENDING !
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 Yet ANOTHER nightmare story - HAPPY ENDING !
Sent: 03-02-2008 01:26


Call the bank and immediately nitiate a chargeback. Thats how you get your money back.
Sellers Protect Yourself From PayPal & Fraudulent Buyers.....Buyers & Sellers don't
let PayPal intemidate you with scum bag collection agencies like NCO and Robertson.
Go to our new website at

Do not post any information on this forum regarding how to get around PayPal and eBay
there are employees (spies) on this website working for both trying to find out how we get
around these two scums suckers. Dont let the enemy dimenish the weapons we use to
fight them!



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 Yet ANOTHER nightmare story - HAPPY ENDING !
Sent: 02-29-2008 03:43

Seller starts up account selling CDs and DVDs. Everything going well, until the seller suspended. Why? Because they did not read the 'small print' with regards to listing Pre-Orders. Apparently you cannot list an item which is to be released any later than 30 days from the start of the auction. The FBI/ALL SEEING EYE/EBAY NAZI system picked this up and interpreted it as a FAKE/PIRATE/COPY. Not only did ebay suspend the account, the DELETED all their listings (in excess of 200)

Having sold a crap load of gear he then has a huge number of buyers (who had subsequently received the 'This seller is no longer registered. DO NOT PAY', email) So you have a seller who cannot access his account to check any records. You have buyers who have sent cheques sending stress emails asking what is happening. You have buyers who have CANCELED cheques, and those who are not sending payment at all.

Ebay however, being the EVIL BASTARDS they truly are IMMEDIATELY charge ALL seller fees to the seller, meaning that they are taking money for sales which DID NOT HAPPEN !

Ebay are effectively RIPPING this person off !

This chap contacted me and I advised him to contact his bank and request a bank statement for the period of when he was registered with Ebay. I then instructed him to initiate CHARGEBACKS on EVERY single payment they had taken. He got back over 200. Ebay made NOTHING.




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