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Thread: Corruption legalities of ebay and pay-pal
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 Corruption legalities of ebay and pay-pal
Sent: 02-12-2008 23:48

It seems to be obvious that ebay and pay-pal operate hand in hand to carry through these decisions, taking money from accounts, including banks, using credit card information but having users sign away rights to claim unauthorised transactions, and operating by use of banking information yet abiding by no laws in regards to financial trade and practice acts.

I feel these company's are using loop holes in laws to operate in a shrewd manner, and backing each other up from within related company's, with no unbiased options.
Would be nice to see a federal investigation, after all if they can do this...what is stopping anyone from doing it, and having absolutely no accountability.
Its disgusting that they are doing all of this and getting away with it.

I'm thankful I discovered this and other sites soon after signing up with both company's :s




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