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Thread: citi upromise card's sneaky charge
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 citi upromise card's sneaky charge
Sent: 01-28-2004 14:39

I applied a Citi Upromise credit card a year ago just for the 1% rebate that I can invest in a upromise account for kids' eduction. I just found there are over $40 charges on my last month statement as Credit Protection Fee. I was in shock and even more surprised to find this "Credit Protection Fee" was actually on my account since the first month I had the credit card, and the monthly amount varies according to my balance. I called Citi card and asked to withdraw from the program immediately. What made me mad is that, first of all, I didn't know how I get into this program. I usually refuse any credit protection offers since I am very confident about my ability to handle my bills. How can I find out who put me or force me on this program? Secondly, the credit card "sneak" this charge in my statement, and that's why I don't find they charge me the fee for such a long time. I use their online service, and almost check my account activites everyday to make sure the charges posted to my account is correct. Yes, they always are, and in the timely sequences. However, this "Credit Protection Fee" never show up in the daily activities. It comes in on every statement date. But instead show up as the lastest charge following the timely sequence, it goes to the top hidden in the oldest charges. They are just cheating and sneaky, which makes me sick. Anyone has the same situation? How can I file a complaint?

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