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Thread: Paypal attempt to collect?
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 Paypal attempt to collect?
Sent: 03-02-2009 06:17

I dont know, what up with Paypal....but my lil sister took my number unknowingly an used it to purcshe money on one o f thes 3d game sthat uses Paypal for payemnts and they have been deducting my money ...Do u know whther or not I could be paid back?????


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 Paypal attempt to collect?
Sent: 02-26-2009 15:29

Ive never had any issue with Paypal until today and Im so confused.
I bought something for 4$ and my account was in the negative the next time I look at my account I see paypal has attempted to collect.Im like get a clue! When I call they tell me that they can try up to two times to collect my bank account has overdrafted 2x
$34 dollars.Im like WTF for 4$ Im livid.

can somone help me?
please explain they said theyre within their right to do so.




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