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Thread: Chinese ebay seller ripped me off... please help
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 Chinese ebay seller ripped me off... please help
Sent: 02-19-2009 21:22

PPTerminator-, Wow , you really are ODF,.. why should it be my responsibility? its his damn mistake! now im stuck sending and paying a huge amount of money to send it back? no thats not right. he should pay for return shipping, as it was his mistake sending me the wrong damn item. If he had only sent me what i paid for and what was listed in the ad , there would be no problem. Its ALWAYS going to be dirt cheap for people in China to ship things out from their country and its the other way around for people who live in north america. and who the hell are u to say that its not going to cost me 330 dollars to send that huge bear back? i got that quote from the post office myself, the weight and fact that paypal requires a tracking number and the destination makes the amount of shipping so high. what do you mean what happens if the buyer doesnt send it back??? PAYPAL requires tracking numbers! so he is assured to get the item! Did i ever say that this was a counterfeit or imitation product? no i didnt. why dont you read what i wrote again or increase the strength of your glasses so you can understand and comprehend what im saying a little more clearly- if thats possible i dont know with you though.

and this 3rd party thing, when did i ask for a 3rd party to be responsible for shipping? just like the imitation thing you are wrong again, i never once said a 3rd party should be responsible.
the seller who made the mistake sending the wrong item should be responsible and man up to his mistake and either refund me,. send me the right item,. or pay for return shipping and then give me a refund or send the right item.

if you order a pair of gloves from me and i send you a hat and then you complain and i say "hey that ok just pay return shipping and send the gloves back and ill refund your money" does that make sense? no it doesnt. does paying s&h TWICE make sense? no it doesnt. Does paying shipping a second time for SOMEONE ELSES MISTAKE make sense? no it doesnt.
who are you to say its my responsibility r-tard?
even when i spoke to paypal the cust.service rep told me that im right and spoke to her manager and told me that im absolutely right but since its their policy i have no choice. even they understood the situation and even offered to pay for a portion of return shipping (which i didnt ask) but i found that its not even their responsibility its the sellers, he messed up this is all his fault, not mine or paypals!

all in all your reply was useless, you misread it and put words in my mouth which were never said by me at all and gave me absolutely no help whatsoever.



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 Chinese ebay seller ripped me off... please help
Sent: 02-19-2009 19:32


First off, sellers should not pay for return shipping, thats your responsibility not anyone elses. Why should a third party be responsible for fees by a 3rd party. If a seller pays for return shipping, the buyer basically packages the item back like crap and the items damaged. If the buyer pays for it, they know they are responsible for it. So thats why sellers shouldnt pay for return shipping, its not their problem to do so. And what happens if the buyer never returns the item, the seller is out the shipping expense regardless.

Second, I seriously doubt it costs $330 to return the item, it didnt cost the Chinese guy $330 to ship it, so find a method in which is cheapest. He found it, so there's no reason you cant either. So what your saying basically is your keeping the item because the shipping is too expensive. That right there clearly states you accepted the item and are refusing to send it back, therefore your not entitled to any refund whatsoever. Until the item is sent back to the seller, your not entitled to anything. Even PayPal is going tos ay provide proof you returned it. Alot of sellers have the same policies for the exclusive reason because sellers have been scammed by ebay buyers and wanting the item for free. Its because of you buyers, these policies are put into place. And the more stricter the policies by a seller, means simply you buyers are trying to con the seller.

Third, unless your living under a rock, you know as well as anyone else, there's alot of counterfieting going on with China, dont sit there and play dumb and say "oh i didnt know that - or didnt take that into consideration".


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 Chinese ebay seller ripped me off... please help
Sent: 02-19-2009 14:26

I bought a 90 inch bear off of ebay and paid 150 bucks for it. after i paid the seller, who is from china, he closed his ebay account within 3 days. after about a week and half i got the item to find its a 60 inch bear. so i opened a claim to get a refund. he asked me why i opened the claim. I told him because he sent me the wrong size bear , it says so in his own ad that its suppose to be 90 inches (duh) so he said "sorry i made a mistake converting cm to inches" he then updates the claim asking me to send the 60 inch bear back to china for a refund. now i have only two options , to give a tracking number or to cancel the claim. i went to post office,.. it will cost me 330 dollars to send that bear back with a tracking number! spend 330 to get back 150? that doesnt make sense. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR HIS MISTAKE? he will not pay for return shipping, he will not refund partial money, he wont do anything. I know he scammed me,. I know he did this on purpose because he knew i will not send it back cuz it will be too expensive. what do i do now? how can i get my money back?? im VERY upset. PAYPAL said they will only refund me if i send it back with a tracking number , unless i do that i can not get a refund because that is their policy. i told them how stupid it is that i pay hundreds of dollars for someone elses mistake and the lady was like "yes i know i understand but its our policy" im so upset!

please people be VERY VERY weary of ASIAN/CHINESE sellers! (nothing racist i love asians , esp. the women, but when it comes to online overseas purchases its usually a scam!)



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