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Thread: Has anyone ever thought about starting a class action?
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From: Victoria
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 Has anyone ever thought about starting a class action?
Sent: 02-13-2009 13:53

I'm fed up. My husband asked my mother who has a paypal account to sell an item for him. It sold within 24 hours for $2000. The buyer paid through paypal, my husband sent the item over a week ago, the customer is happy with the item, and we still have no money. Paypal froze my mothers account due to id problems (apparently), so she scanned everything they wanted within the hour of their request. Of course it takes them 24 hours to process it and another 7 - 10 (or so) for the money to be deposited. Only this is not the end of it. Now they are saying they want my husband to proove that he was the actual owner of the item by way of receipts and serial numbers before they even consider handing over the cash. Who the hell are they? We have receipts and serial numers. We will be scanning them today but I'm just waiting for their next excuse as to why they won't pay up. They have no right to with hold mine or anyone else's money. It's their way of making money by investing on overnight money markets!!!!! I have had no satisfaction by talking calmly to their so called customer service team. In fact when I eventually got through to a Supervisor, he bacame very elevated and yelled and continually interrupted me while I was trying to talk to him. He didn't let me speak, in fact he treated me like I was a peice of dirt. It's time some one did something.




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