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Thread: paypal claim - non tangible good
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 paypal claim - non tangible good
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I paid for a rented server in a datacentre and is a service.

The server was the wrong spec with missing drives and ram so I asked for it to be fixed. They then said fixed 2 days later but since then its been completely dead and not working. So basically I have never had the product I paid for.

I have raised a dispute and now have the provider telling me he will refund only if I drop the dispute, he wont refund via the dispute and he probably knows if I close the dispute I cant re open it and he can essentially not refund me.

I have read paypal policies and it seems non tangible goods if I reach the claim stage I will automatically lose, yet I read on here people selling non tangible goods have had to refund so so many conflicting stories.

Can someone with a non delivered service get their money back on paypal?

This was paid out of paypal funds not used a card/bank in the transaction.
I have kept all email correspondance and proof of paypal payments.




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