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Thread: PyaPal ChargeBack Possibility
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 PyaPal ChargeBack Possibility
Sent: 12-19-2008 20:16

matanga, probably


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 PyaPal ChargeBack Possibility
Sent: 12-11-2008 11:54


On October 7 I sold a used electronic device to a German guy and he paid with Paypal the next day. I sent it the next day after payment from Peru and it arrived 14 days later. But when they went to deliver it to his house nobody answered so they kept the package at the post office. The guy kept complaining and he finally got it on Dec 8.

The thing is that after 4 days the guy now says the device is malfunctioning. I remember testing it here and it worked perfectly. The guys wants to keep the phone and demanded us to give him 95% of the itemís value money back!
I really donít want to leave him with a defective item, but it was fine here and I used it for more than 5 months and I really packed it well. So I donít think its fair as this was not my fault.

So the question is, Can he order a chargeback from Paypal after more than 60 days? Or else a dispute that leads to refund? I really care about customer service, but this guy might be lying too :S.




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