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Thread: New to Internet Selling
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 New to Internet Selling
Sent: 02-23-2009 20:06

so81, I would make sure if your using paypal for the first time you don't go over 500 becuase they are obviously evil F**s who try to steal ur money if you make more than 500 dollars.


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 New to Internet Selling
Sent: 12-28-2008 19:14

so81, Since no one here on this site seems to answer questions im quite qualified to answer this one.
Yes Paypal is ok to accept! However do not ship the item until the money is in your bank accounr or you have actually received the paypal check. Do not ship the item until you actually are holding the money,after that all the buyer or paypal can do is freeze your account. Then just reopen a new account later on with paypal. These are extreme measures but it will work!


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 New to Internet Selling
Sent: 12-11-2008 10:16

I'm trying to sell a $1200 pearl necklace thru Craig's. I have a potential "buyer" who asked if I would take wire-transfers or PayPal. He listed his address in his email to me but I'm wary of possible scams after having read the info on this site as well as what Craig's List had to say about wire transfers. I do not live in the same state as this buyer. Does this seem like a scam to you(those with experience in selling thru PayPal) or am I being paranoid? Doesn't PayPal have some kind of fraud monitoring(like if he's used a stolen c.c. in the past) or fraud protection system in place? How do I find out if he's for real? Is in-person cash payment really the only safe option? Sincerely, Wary but Desperate for Funds



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