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Thread: Donations Needed Please.
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From: N/A
Messages: 3
 Donations Needed Please.
Sent: 02-23-2009 20:20

ILOVEBAY, Ebay sucks and you know it. even if he made an account and sold enough crap of 20000 dollars, 2000 dollars in just fees and plus out of 18000 dollars, if he uses paypal it would get frozen and he's now worse off. And sell the house? you think that's easy? you need to pay the escrow for houselisting and do open houses and pay the escrowers and he might even have debt or loans, you think life is easy?and don't you see the foreclosure thing in his post? Don't call him an idiot, it took me 2 days to lose a house and kill my credit when someone stole my wallet and then start fresh by joining the Navy and claiming bankruptcy so you need to shut up about life.


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From: Canada
Messages: 2
 Donations Needed Please.
Sent: 01-10-2009 13:15

Andy keep the faith. The guy who called you an idiot he's the idiot. He obviously has momy and daddy paying for his ways and for his precious car if he has one. It will turn out for you. I would help you if I could. Do waht you have to do to keep your head above water. God bless you and yours.


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From: anywhere, baby
Messages: 6
 Donations Needed Please.
Sent: 10-08-2008 07:16

Dude...sell your house and most of your crap (on EBAY DUDE) downsize, move to ND, SD, MT and get a cheap house (RENT) and a job in a small town, grow your own vegetables, have some chickens and maybe a dog for your kids. Your kids would go to a school where some kids would have guns in their cars, BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING HUNTING AFTER CLASS FOR PHEASANTS. Make friends with locals at one of the cafes, go to church, ride your bike to work AND YOU WON'T NEED TO ASK FOR DONATIONS. IDIOT


New User

From: Commerce Twp
Messages: 1
 Donations Needed Please.
Sent: 09-30-2008 21:59

Hello everyone. I am writing here regarding me being layed off.
I have a wonderful wife and 4 beautiful children.
I've been working for DTL for about 11 years and I am about to lose my house due to foreclosure.
If there is anyway I can get some donations to help support my wonderful family, and help from losing my house of 6.
I'm in real need of anything.
Anything from 10 cents to 100$.
Please mothers, fathers, politics, anyone.
I'm in huge need.
Thank you.
Always in mind, Andy.



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