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Thread: Weird experience with Paypal living in Japan
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 Weird experience with Paypal living in Japan
Sent: 12-19-2008 20:51

smallbob2, Have you been kanchoed?



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 Weird experience with Paypal living in Japan
Sent: 06-25-2008 04:59

I'm an American living in Japan. About two years ago I set up a web page for a group that charged membership fees. I set up a paypal account and went through all the usual hassles. A few weeks after I set it up I noticed that my account had been frozen. I needed to give evidence that I am actually living in Japan. They wanted my signature stamp (hanko in Japanese) registration. Most foreigners in Japan don't even have a signature stamp. I took a day off to do all this bureaucratic BS. There was some other hard to get document i had to show them but I cant recall what it was at the moment. I then had to FAX the paperwork which was written in Japanese to LA (they have an office here in Japan with Japanese speakers, why did I have to send it to LA?!).

Supposedly, this was some attempt to prevent money laundering or terrorism but i hadn't received a dime as i was still setting things up. There was no money flowing anywhere. Nothing seemed suspicious in my opinion. I jumped through all the hoops and i was still rejected!!! Why would someone pulling a scam go through all that effort to prove his identity?!

I thought paypal was the only game in town for my kind of website so I gave up (that was also the reason I bothered with all the paperwork). To top things off, I got no answer as to why I was rejected. Of course there was no human to talk to or e-mail. I have heard that if your situation is a little out of the ordinary (an American living abroad), they couldn't be bothered with you. Even if you do your best to prove your identity. Needless to say I am still peeved about it all




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