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Thread: Paymate instead of Paypal!
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From: Manchester, UK
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 Paymate instead of Paypal!
Sent: 12-07-2006 15:14

This seems pretty good

How will it work for me being in the UK - but I do have a U.S bank account ?

Can i still accept worldwide credit card payments are transfer them to the U.S bank account



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 Paymate instead of Paypal!
Sent: 12-04-2006 18:00

I also have a paymate account which is very similar to paypal in how it works but without all the nastiness and rip offs associated with paypal.Paymate is based in australia but is available to international users.The set-up is easy and the processing of funds is much quicker yet more secure,they are very security conscious.Also unlike paypal you can get your money straight into your bank account and not have to have it sent to your paymate account and then personally transfer it to your bank which can take at least a week. I know with paypal,if you're in america you can get a debit type card attached to your paypal account but what about all the users outside of the USA?
Processing of all funds is much quicker with paymate and it's fees are less than paypal.Talking of fees this is another bug bear of mine with the thieves at paypal,They NEVER charge the going rate for exchange rates,ebay which owns paypal claim they use the rates shown on,well that's bullshit as although is very reliable and accurate the paypal rate is always slightly less and that can make all the difference if you want to send a paypal payment to someone who uses a different currency,and lets face it with ebay the majority of people want payment in $US or GB pound Sterling.
Unfortunately the majority of people using ebay want payment by paypal and so using paymate causes problems because,sorry to say that most americans are ignorant when it comes to using anything that isn't american based or founded.They just can't relate to it,eventhough the basic principles of paymate are the same as paypal.
So if you're outside the states and state you want payment by paymate,it's less likely that your item/s will sell. All that said,I still reccomment paymate over paypal and have had a paymate account much longer than paypal because of it's reliability and user-friendliness.So if anyone wants to take a look at the site go to




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