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The following posts came from a PayPal Employee who posted on our old guestbook as "Whistle_Blower." Actually I thought I lost this information due to a hard drive failure on the original server, but doing some cleaning out of my home computer, I was so happy and suprised to find it in an old backup set! So here it is again. I verified the IP as coming directly from PayPal.com. This information is for historical purposes only, as I'm sure the names, email addresses and phone numbers are probably no longer valid, and a lot has changed in the last 3 years. (I don't know if PayPal still outsources it's first level of support outside the U.S.) But still it's interesting to see the history of this company from the insider's view.

June 07 2001 - by "Whistle_blower"

Complaints about Paypal service should be directed to Rhonda Coale and Sarah Imbach. Sarah Imbach is VP Fraud Investigations and Appeals. Sarah can be reached by e-mail at simbach@paypal.com. Rhonda Coale works for Sarah and she can be contacted at rcoale@paypal.com. You may also call her at (402)-935-2233. Another avenue for handling complaints about Paypal is to contact the Nebraska Attorney General at http//www.nol.org/home/ago/ and fill out a consumer complaint form online. You can also call the Atty. General at (402)-471-2682 or toll free at 1-800-727-6432. It is VERY important that regulatory agencies learn about the despicable manner in which Paypal treats its customers. This will make them wake up and take notice.

June 14 2001 - by "Whistle_blower"

Two main reasons for Paypal's poor service record to date are (1) Organizational turmoil at its Omaha service center and (2) Incompetent managers and employees recruited by the dozen in Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha service center will have new top management for the SECOND time in 2001. Sara Imbach (VP Fraud Investigations and Appeals) and Mark Sullivan (VP Business Development)are going to manage the customer service folks in Omaha. Omaha's low unemployment rate combined with Paypal's meager salaries have made it difficult for Paypal to find experienced or talented people for management or rank and file jobs in customer service. Most Paypal customer service representatives (CSR) in Omaha were flipping burgers just a few months ago. Also, several Paypal CSR's have had severe financial problems in the past. REMEMBER - THESE GUYS HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR CREDIT CARD AND BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Many Paypal managers have had no significant management experience or were rejected by other institutions. Rhonda Coale, the Fraud Manager, did not cut it at a local family-owned bank in Omaha. Chad, the Paypal manager for complaints filed with the Attorney General's Office and Paypal Damon, occasionally masquerades as an attorney to intimidate irate customers even though he has never been to law school. Poorly qualified managers translates into poorly motivated employees. This combination = BAD SERVICE and LOTS OF HASSLES FOR THE CUSTOMER.

June 19 2001 - by "Whistle_blower"

Paypal has outsourced customer service by e-mail to a local firm in New Delhi, India--halfway around the world. Mark Sullivan, the new guy in charge at the Omaha Service Center, was instrumental in setting up the India Customer Service Program. Many US companies have gone to India it gives them access to an educated, motivated workforce at a fragment of the payroll cost in the US. Typically, the role of the overseas service provider is limited to providing information about the product or service. In no instance has any bank or financial institution outsourced any function overseas that involves disclosure or exchange of private information such as data about their customers credit card or bank accounts because it is murky who has jurisdiction over the transaction and which laws would govern. [Others] established their customer service center in South Dakota rather than overseas for this very reason. THE INDIA CUSTOMER SERVICE PROGRAM IS EXTREMELY RISKY FOR PAYPAL USERS. CSRs in India are paid only $200/- per month. The financial system in India, like any other third world country, is extremely corrupt. This corrpution, combined with strict exchange controls and low CSR pay, sets the program in India up as a fertile ground for fraudulent activity. Paypal loves it when their users contact them by email because it is cheaper to process the transaction in that manner. Mark Sullivan cut costs for Paypal and put thousands of unsuspecting Paypal customers at risk. This is an example of business development, Paypal style.

August 21 2001 - by "Whistle_blower"

The Comptroller of the Currency is another agency where a complaint regarding PayPal excesses may be filed. Contact William S. Glover, Assistant Deputy Comptroller at (402)-493-0654. This is an agency of the Federal government that enforces regulations related to money suppy in the United States. Indiscriminate freezing of "stored value" accounts by PayPal impacts US money supply. Also, if you are an employee you may be eligible for an award!!!! EXPOSE PAYPAL NOW.

But the real humdinger was this one. Not only did it come from a PayPal.com owned IP, but after it was posted PayPal immediately contacted us and demanded to know the IP of the poster. We politely refused. :-)

May 30 2001 - by "Whistle_blower"

You have to be nuts to trust Paypal with your bank account or credit card information because they have poor security procedures. It is rumored that a hacker was able to infiltrate their network in Omaha, impersonate senior executives and send correspondence all over the company.

So there you have it, the history of PayPal's early years.

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