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As an ex-employee of paypal I understand the frustration this company has put you through. Most of the employees who knew what they were doing have left the company because of their practices. I will check these forums when I can and assist people including giving specific complete names, work numbers, and email addresses of people to contact. For years PayPal has told their employees not to give out their last names. This is done simply to make it more difficult for you to communicate properly with the company and to make it more difficult for you to seek restitution against an individual.

The company does not make decisions on your accounts. All decisions are made by one person on the Omaha fraud team. The decision to lift the limited access on your account comes from one person in resolution services. If someone on the fraud team makes a quote "no appeals" you are done. The resolution services team will not even try to lift the limited access on your account but will continue to tell you that you need to fax in documentation.

If you already have a limited access account and want to continue to use PayPal, although I don't know why, you need to clear all of your cookies and cache and change your IP. Do not use anonymizer or other public anonymous IP's since they have a team that just reviews those logins. Your best bet is to use AOL dial up. Also all bank accounts on your account will be inactive. If you add them to your new account it immediately will be flagged and shortly will also have a limited access. Contact your bank if your account is placed on limited access and report your cards and bank accounts as lost stolen. This does 2 things. First, PayPal will not be able to debit funds from your bank account to get back any recent ach transactions. They also may attempt to debit your account if your PayPal accounts fall negative. Second, this allows you to continue banking at the same location but have a new debit card and bank account numbers.

The fraud team does use some tools that show a percentage of like information on 2 or more accounts. For instance if you have the same name one 2 accounts with the same address they will find your other account. Make certain that you use a new address, even a po box works. If you have a PO box try to get one with a different zip code, state and city. The tools they use compare the following, name, social security number, address, bank accounts, credit cards, auction id's, bank routing numbers. These also include things you attempted to add but were unsuccessful. Also if you believe you removed a bank, address, or credit card from your first account you are wrong. Members of the fraud team still see that information and will use it to link your other accounts.

The other advice I have for everyone who uses PayPal is to get your money out as soon as possible. If you are going to continue to use PayPal call them at the number above and request to have a feature called Auto Sweep turned on. This is a feature that they do not advertise but is available. This takes all the money in your account at the end of the day and automatically withdrawals it to your bank account. You need to give them your Social Security Number and also lift your withdrawal limit before they will allow this. When you call, if the rep does not know what you are talking about ask them to transfer you to a professional or look in the knowledge base under auto sweep.

Another FYI do not withdrawal more than $2500.00 in a 24 hour period or over a weekend. You may hit the ques and invite someone to place a limited access on your account. If you withdrawal more than $5000.00 in a 24 period you will also hit a que and they will look at your account. There are also another 50-100 ques that can flag your account. I will not go into detail since they are in place to protect consumers and actually work.

If any of you have had problems with a single employee please post their name and what department they are in and I will respond with their full name and phone number if know them. If you have to contact a person directly at PayPal most employees email addresses are their first initial last name @paypal.com.

One other thing, when you try to send a payment via credit card and you are not given that option it is because of a thing called the risk model. Usually it is a high risk transaction and you or the seller have entered some type of fraud que.

I hope this information helps each and every one of you.

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